About the Zone

The learning experiences offered through the ZONE (see Courses) are available to undergraduate and graduate students or anyone who would like to extend their knowledge of digital media and web development even though they are not enrolled in a degree granting program. Students can be resident on the University of Missouri Columbia campus or they can be located anywhere in the world.

Where IS the ZONE?

The ZONE has a physical presence in the Reflector in Townsend Hall on the MU campus and a virtual presence through chat, videoconferencing, message boards, the web, e-mail and telephone. If you live/work in central Missouri you can come into the ZONE and Mentors will help you use the hardware, software, books and other materials located there. You can also check equipment out from the Reflector (such as laptops, digital still and video cameras). If you are a distance learner you must supply your own hardware and software, but the ZONE is still here to help you learn.

Who sponsors the ZONE?

The Digital Media ZONE is sponsored by the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, a school within the College of Education at the University of Missouri. It is physically located in the second level of the Reflector in Townsend Hall. The Reflector is a technology-rich support environment for students in the MU College of Education. Only students who are enrolled in ZONE courses may access the ZONE in the Reflector.