Online Learning for Registered Students

Education Technology @ University of Missouri has compiled a list of useful resources for students taking online courses from the University of Missouri.

How to Succeed

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Zone courses:

  • Maintain a reasonable pace throughout the courses. Do not wait until a week before the due date to begin engaging in the work. Do some work each week. Make a schedule for yourself indicating when you will focus on the topics of the course.
  • Get to know your classmates and the ZONE mentors. Take advantage early of the opportunity to learn about your classmates and let them know about you. Contribute by writing about yourself and also by responding to what others write. Forming a community with your fellow students will make the course more enjoyable and will aid your learning.
  • Work collaboratively. How much you learn and how much enjoy this course will depend on the sense of connection you develop with your fellow students. Try to help your fellow students and try to benefit from what they have to offer.
  • Check your understanding. Your goal is to understand the theories, principles, development, and concepts central to the course. Do not stop with reading the course materials. Always review the underlying concepts and interact with your peers to see if you need to strengthen your understanding.
  • Contact a ZONE mentor when you need help. The ZONE mentors are there to help you and you should feel to contact them anytime you need help with anything related to this course.

Orientation Information

Orientation Guides:

There are three Guides for students enrolled in Zone online courses:

You can download these guides by clicking on the links above and opening them in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Or right click with your mouse (control + click on the Mac) to download copies to your local computer.